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All reviews - Books (42)

Sheikh's Untouched Woman (Billionaire Bachelors Club) review

Posted : 1 year, 5 months ago on 2 July 2017 10:33 (A review of Sheikh's Untouched Woman (Billionaire Bachelors Club))

Unlike some books I have read which has a similar storyline I'm pleased that in this one she had a backbone and it was him that was doing the chasing but without him finding out about her having his baby he would have happily married his bride.
I did like the ending how he wooed her but a little part of me was hoping she would make him suffer a little more lol.

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A Cowboy in the Kitchen (Hurley's Homestyle Kitchen #1) review

Posted : 1 year, 5 months ago on 2 July 2017 07:29 (A review of A Cowboy in the Kitchen (Hurley's Homestyle Kitchen #1) )

I liked both the main characters West and Anabel in this book and I understood why West broke Anabel's heart seven years because if she stayed she wouldn't being able to what she wanted to do but I don't really understand why he had to break her heart with the girl who bullied her despite him not knowing that Anabel got bullied by her and by doing that in his eyes he basically proved his parents right about him being no good as he got her pregnant and Anabel was still in love with him even after all that happened, I would have been happier seeing Anabel moving on and actually being in a relationship instead of comparing every man to him and I thought it was a bit repetitve the way they both kept having flashbacks about that night.
I liked West's little girl aswell as Anabel's grandmother but I wasn't too keen on her grandparents at the beginning seeing as they believed that West was an unfit father but I could see it from their point of view and I understood but I also understood why West acted the way he did as he had just lost his wife but they grew on me as the story I went on.
I enjoyed the chemistry between Anabel and West and I enjoyed the marriage of convenience plot and how she got her way with going to Vegas and I liked the way Anabel's grandmother plotted to keep them together and I liked reading about the town and the diner which makes me wish that there is actually a diner out there like that lol.
I liked the ending and how everything was nicely sorted but the epilogue I would have liked to seen what they were up to a few months down the line but I'm looking forward to reading the second book to see what happens next in Anabel's family.

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The Right Kind of Girl (The Best of Betty Neels) review

Posted : 1 year, 5 months ago on 2 July 2017 05:20 (A review of The Right Kind of Girl (The Best of Betty Neels) )

I found this book to be very frustrating than her other books, I found the H Paul very confusing, unlikable aswell as frustrating and I thought the h Emma was a bit of a doormat with him because he would do his own thing and she would be left on her own, I know it's a marriage of convenience but I would like to see a bit of affection lol.

As usual we have the ow but this time she's just a troublemaker who isn't the ow but wants to be and she runs the orphanage where Emma goes to work part tine seeing as Paul leaves her on her own alot and Diana sees an opportunity to cause trouble by getting Emma to help some people who are stranded and when Paul finds out she tells him that Emma wanted to go on her own and not get an ambulance, so Paul and Emma argue and this is the point now where I really dislike Paul as he tells Emma that "Diana is worth a dozen of you"when she tries to explain about what Diana really said and the only reason he eventually believes her is when a lady who works at the orphanage tells him that she overheard what had been said and that Diana had been lying.

Now I'm expecting him to come home to Emma and for him to apologise and grovel to her but he doesn't and somehow towards the end despite all the trouble the ow had caused she's the one who is apologising to him when he tells her he'll go to America on his own, I'm pleased there was a part where he goes and tells Diana what he thinks of her but I think he is one of the worst characters out of all Betty's books for saying that to Emma and I would have liked to have seen Emma grow a backbone rather than choosing to be second best if he went with Diana.

I would have liked it better if she threw him out whilst explaining what had really happened, divorce him, let Diana know that's all hers now and then marry someone who thinks she's worth a dozen over any woman, I thought the ending as usual was very quick and I still didn't see him apologise to her, not at all satisfying and it's all to do with that comment lol.

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The Hasty Marriage review

Posted : 1 year, 5 months ago on 30 June 2017 09:46 (A review of The Hasty Marriage )

This book kind of took me out of my comfort zone, I've read Betty's stories where the H is engaged to another woman which is fine because to the h that woman is a stranger and the H always ends up falling in love with the h and then he finds a way to break up that engagement and alls well that ends well but in this book I found it a bit uncomforting that he proposes to the h Laura's spoilt little sister and when her sister elopes with another man, Laura who in my eyes has no dignity or pride decides to marry him in her sister's place and he basically tells her that she is second best.
I would have been happier reading the book if Laura despite being in love with the H had just packed up everything she had and then tells the H that her sister belongs to him now and then she moves on to a better life and then marry someone who loves her and puts her first but as from what I've written above she doesn't lol.
I did like that Laura had some backbone and that the H Reilof did get jealous when she made friends with his younger partner, I didn't like how she kept comparing to herself to her sister and it made me chuckle when Reilof tells Laura he basically married a similar woman to her sister years ago and yet he couldn't see that history would have been repeating itself, he wasn't very tactful towards her and most of the time he kept her down without knowing it and obviously her sister comes back and causes trouble which makes Laura eventually leave which I was happy about as I was hoping throughout the book that she would but Reilof eventually finds her and basically tells her she's no longer second best and it's a happy ending all round but I think in the future that if her sister came back free and single he would probably take her as his mistress because to me that what her sister is stereotyped as in these books lol.

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Newborn Daddy review

Posted : 1 year, 5 months ago on 30 June 2017 09:37 (A review of Newborn Daddy )

This book I liked reading and I could see the chemistry between them and I liked the ending but I couldn't really see him loving them the way he did with his first wife and son, I think he would keep comparing his first wife to his new wife as especially throughout the book when he kept reminding himself that they weren't his real family.
I couldn't really understand the quick turnaround he had though towards the h, I think it was more like a nervous breakdown due to the shock of being a father to an unexpected baby lol.

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The Girl with Green Eyes (The Best of Betty Neels) review

Posted : 1 year, 5 months ago on 30 June 2017 04:28 (A review of The Girl with Green Eyes (The Best of Betty Neels) )

This book I liked but not as much as her others, I couldn't really see the chemistry between the h Lucy and H William and I thought he spent most of the time with the ow Fiona than with Lucy despite him falling in love with her, I would have liked to have seen him woo Lucy.
I did like the explanation he gave her towards the end that Fiona meant nothing to him and was all about having fun and taking her out whenever he got bored but all I could think was he must have been bored all the time considering the amount of time he spent with her lol and I wished Lucy did actually try and move on but she spent most of the time plotting ways in how to marry him but I did like near the end when he got a taste of his own medicine when he got falsely told that she was going to marry another man despite himself proposing to her beforehand.
I liked Lucy but she was always putting herself down and I thought she was a little on the stalker side lol and I found her family condescending especially about the orphanage where she worked at, I liked the ending especially where Fiona causes mischief but like all the others she wasn't very clever, the ending wasn't that satisfactory as it ended too quickly, I would have liked to have read about them going to her family and reading about their reactions but I'm happy that we did see Fiona's reaction when she realised that no matter what William would never marry her.

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Year of Living Blonde (Sweet Life in Seattle #1) review

Posted : 1 year, 5 months ago on 29 June 2017 08:26 (A review of Year of Living Blonde (Sweet Life in Seattle #1) )

This book was very satisfying to read because I've read a few books that have got cheating husbands in them and most of them usually have the wife blaming only themselves, they never slap the mistress and they don't have a makeover and a sexy toy boy to move on with lol.
It sucked me in straight from the beginning as Natalie owns a cafe called La Dolce Vita with her friend and she bakes in her own kitchen at home as the kitchen at her cafe is too small and that is when her husband announces on their anniversary that he wants a divorce as he's now with a woman who is ten years older than him and is not frumpy like Natalie and I was pleased that there was a bit of humour in there when she throws the rubbery muffins that she just baked at him, truthfully I would have wanted to throw the pan and the whole lot at him but it was satisfying lol.
I liked how she met the mistress and basically did what I was hoping she would do, I enjoyed how her and her Anthony got on despite them getting off on the wrong foot as he is her and her friend's landlord and they want the building next door so they can expand their cafe but he won't let them and I liked that at the beginning he came off as a playboy but as the story went on he became more likable and I was rootng for him and Natalie to get together and I liked seeing how they spent time together and when they realised the amount of stuff they had in common with each other.
I enjoyed seeing how Natalie slowly got her confidence back and how she made herself over to be a better person and her thoughts when she realised she was single again, I understood the dilemma about her daughter and how she was going to react at the thought of her parents splitting up, Natalie's sister and her friend made me laugh and I liked seeing them throughout the book and how they helped Natalie to get through it.
Natalie's husband I hated lol, I was waiting to see his reaction aswell as his mistress when he next saw Natalie and I was very pleased especially as she was dressed up and not looking the way she was when she was with him and how she was with Anthony and I enjoyed how Anthony stuck up for her when the mistress tried to belittle her and I thought it was funny when her husband thought that Anthony was an old professor seeing as how Anthony is an astrologer with a phd and he had only heard of him through his daughter and it was amusing the way her husband decided he wanted her back now she had changed.
I liked the ending I thought it was very satisfying as Natalie opened her eyes to what her husband actually was like and she went to get what she wanted and I liked the epilogue.

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A Song at Twilight (A Song at Twilight #1) review

Posted : 1 year, 5 months ago on 23 June 2017 09:39 (A review of A Song at Twilight (A Song at Twilight #1) )

I liked both Sophie and Robin, they were both strong characters and I liked the setting as it was in the late Victorian years, I enjoyed seeing them together when they were younger and I could feel the chemistry between them and I was hoping it would be something trivial as to the reason why he would break up with her despite it taking them four years to get back lol, I thought Sophie was stronger during them years when they weren't together and I liked seeing how she at least moved on and focused on her life and career whilst Robin had to suffer for his reasons leaving her.
When the part came when they met up again I thought Sophie might have been a little more reluctant to taking him back but I couldn't blame her when she heard of what happened throughout them four years and knowing that he suffered just as much and with it being in that era he didn't have much choice but to leave her but I was happy that they had a second chance and he wasn't going to let her get away.
I also enjoyed the suspense and the flashbacks as you got to know more about the background of the story and there was no getting lost on the way whilst reading and I enjoyed the ending.

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Romantic Encounter (The Best of Betty Neels) review

Posted : 1 year, 5 months ago on 22 June 2017 08:38 (A review of Romantic Encounter (The Best of Betty Neels) )

This book got me straight away and I havent been able to put it down, I had mixed feelings about the H Alexander but Florence I did like, she was fiery as she was described in the book and in this one she wasn't a plain Jane which makes me think if she was perhaps Alexander might have softened towards her lol. Alexander did eventually grow on me but just like Florence when you began to like him he would do a big turn around and you would begin to dislike him again.
I liked how Florence stood up to herself when it came to the ow who didn't do much mischief and it made a nice change and I liked the settings and Florence's family, I enjoyed it when Alexander got a little jealous but didn't show it when she talks to an engaged co worker at the hospital and I enjoyed the ending despite it being short.

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Enzo (Jinx Tattoos #1) review

Posted : 1 year, 5 months ago on 21 June 2017 08:43 (A review of Enzo (Jinx Tattoos #1) )

I enjoyed the angst between the two main characters Enzo and Aibhlinn and the sections about both their pasts and how it molded them to be what they are today, Enzo was a manwhore and was secretly in love with Aibhlinn but he though he would ruin their friendship if they ever did anything due to his bad past and Aibhlinn loved him but was too scared to tell him, I liked how Enzo broke down and told Aibhlinn all about his mother and her drug use and how Aibhlinn reacted but my heart broke when Enzo left her to seek help and Aibhlinn moved on and it was interesting to see how Aibhlinn's childhood turned out and about what happened to her.
I liked the abandoned baby plot and like most baby themed stories that I've read I basically thought that it was a secret pregnancy storyline to do with one of Enzo's one night stands but I was pleasantly surprised despite how the baby came to be found, I liked how Enzo and Aibhlinn basically stood up to become parents of the baby and I loved the ending

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